Basketball Training For

Boys and Girls Ages 8 and Up

About Us

Legacy West Basketball is a full service basketball training and development clinic in Los Angeles. Our basketball training is unique in that our coaches are all UCLA basketball Alumni and former NBA players. Our goal is to transform the way your child plays basketball competitively or for fun.

Our basketball training clinics provide your kid with a breadth of exposure to improve their game and their ability to work.

Basketball Fundamentals Training in Los Angeles:

  • Coaching from professional basketball players
  • Positioning and rebounding
  • Finger positioning when shooting the ball
  • Chest and bounce passing
  • Court dynamics while running and passing the ball back and forth
  • Basketball drills, drills and more drills
  • The psychology of basketball and getting your head in the game

Advanced Basketball Training:

As your kid progresses in their skill level, we will work on developing the following basketball competencies.

  • Advanced and pair passing
  • Court press breaker drills
  • Motion offense
  • Jab steps, pass fakes and shot fakes
  • Man to man defense
  • Zone defense
  • Ball maneuvering
  • Fast break offense

Meet Our Coaches:

Darrick Martin

Darrick Martin

Coach Darrick Martin (UCLA ’92) is a 13 year retired NBA player. Darrick has coached at the NBA and Collegiate level. Darrick was the head couch of the Sacramento Kings development league team, The Reno Bighorn. He also coached at St. John’s University. Under Darrick Martin’s leadership, he lead the Reno Bighorns team to the Pacific Division Title.

Darrick has run numerous kids camps and training sessions to help foster and grow the next generation of competitive athletes.

Mitchell Butler

Mitchell Butler

Mitchell Butler (UCLA ‘93) is an 8 year retired NBA player.  Mitchell has coached in the NBA with the Washington Wizards and also worked in their front office putting together Player Programs.  He’s trained many of the game’s elite players while also representing several NBA players.  Mitchell Butler brings a wealth of knowledge about all of the nuisances of the game and loves teaching kids to build a strong basketball foundation.